Hdmi Range Extender Single Lan 120m

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Hdmi Range Extender Single Lan 120m
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HDMI Extender & is designed to convert HDMI signal to standard TCP/IP and transmit by internet cable or LAN. With the advantage of TCP/IP standard, it can transmit HDMI signal source from HD STB,DVD, Sky HD& box & HDMI display card etc to HD projector, DLP,LCD,LED and other audio visual equipments.

  • Extend HDMI single with single network cable.
  • up to 120m/394ft transmission distance.
  • full HD 180P high quality delivery.
  • transfer by existing CAT5/5e/6 network cable.
  • Allows to be distributed by network routers for cascade connection.

Features :
Auto Adjustment to Match Cable Length
Adjust the specifications automatically for different cable length 1-160m (10m 20m 30m 40m 50m 60m 70m 80m 90m 100m 110m 120m 130m 140m 150m 160m) to achieve the best display
1. Apply M-JPEG technology to process image compressing. The loss of image quality is very small;480i@50Hz,480p@60Hz,576i@50Hz,576p@50Hz,720p@50/60Hz,1080i@50/60Hz,1080p@50/60Hz 1080p@24Hz
2. Supported HDMI format: 480i@50Hz, 480p@60Hz, 576i@50Hz, 576p@50Hz, 720p@50/60Hz, 1080i@50/60Hz, 1080p@50/60Hz&1080p@24Hz
3. HDCP Compatible.
4. It can transmit HDMI 1080P signal to above 120m by using UTP Cat5e/6.
5. It can transmit by LAN.
6. Support LAN bandwidth: 100M
7. Extend 120m longer by adding one more Ethernet router.
8.The data could be & transmitted over switch, router and other Ethernet device, and extend the transfer & distance to over 20km.
9. It also could work in broadcast mode, like HDMI splitter, broadcast HDMI signal from of SENDER & support maximum of RECEIVER (over Switch)


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