Kisonli K800 Small Mini Speakers For Pc

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Kisonli K800 Small Mini Speakers For Pc
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Kisonli K800 is a compact computer speaker powered via a convenient USB port, easy to set up and can carry the laptop as a "portable" speaker, or still be able to use the same PC system for users to press with the modern design of the speaker.

The turquoise black and white tone gives the tech look and elegance at the same time, which will be hard to deny along with an incredibly affordable price tag.

Connect the USB port to power the speaker, and connect the audio via 3.5mm port.

Simple and compact, Kisonli K800 speaker can be plug and play, use immediately, friendly to all users.

* Specifications: Brand: Kisonli Model: K800 Use: Home Theater, Portable Audio Player, Mobile Phone Product size: 9 x 9.5 x 8.5 cm Material: Plastic Impedance: 4Ω Total system capacity: RMS 6W SNR: 80dB Frequency response: 90Hz-20KHz Sensitivity:


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