Xprinter Xp-q805k Usb Interface 230mm/s Printing Speed

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Xprinter Xp-q805k Usb Interface 230mm/s Printing Speed
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Model: XP-Q805K
Brand-Company: XPRINTER
Paper size: K80 - 80mm
Automatic paper cutting: Have
Print speed: 230mm/s
Function: Print newspaper for kitchen processing, Print Bill for shops, Supermarkets, Bookstores, Phone stores
Printing Technology: Direct thermal printing
Connector: USB
Size machine: 173x130x127mm
Weight: 0.89kg
Voltage used: 24V - 2.5A
HDH compatible: Android - IOS, Win 7, Win 10, Win 11
Software compatibility: CUKCUK, FoodyPos, Kiotviet, POS365, POSAPP, Sapo

Xprinter XP-Q805K is the latest line of bill printers from Xprinter, introduced in July 2023. Specially designed to meet the needs of high-volume printing and serve shops with high orders, this bill printer integrates outstanding technology and features to help optimize business processes.

Receipt printer XP-Q805K is equipped with a USB connection port.
The machine's printing speed is 230mm/s, a very fast speed for printing invoices, helping to save businesses time and improve customer experience.
The printing paper size is K80mm, allowing invoices to be printed at a suitable size and easily managed.
The machine uses a 24V - 2.5A power source, providing stable operating performance and energy saving.
With a weight of only 0.85kg and compact size of 173x127x130mm, the Xprinter XP-Q805K receipt printer is easy to move and install in limited spaces.
Another notable point is the machine's print head life, up to 150km. This is the highest longevity among Xprinter's current bill printer lines, ensuring durability and reliability for daily printing.
The XP-Q805K bill printer is compatible with Android, IOS, Windows and MACOS operating systems, making it easy to connect and use with many different devices.

A special feature of this line of bill printers is the integration of a quality print head from Seiko, helping to better control printing heat and prolong print head life, along with sharp and clear print quality of invoices. prepare the bill.

With outstanding features and advanced technology, the Xprinter XP-Q805K Receipt Printer is a great choice for businesses that want to optimize sales processes, print quickly and with high quality, meeting customer needs. the need for high-volume and reliable printing in billing and daily management.


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